Wortley Hall Wedding Photography, South Yorkshire - Rebecca & Ian

Posted on 10th March 2014 by Mark Tierney

A perfect summer's day is a rare treasure in the British Isles, so imagine your delight if this annual event took place on your wedding day! This is what happened to Rebecca and Ian who were married at Wortley Hall in Barnsley last summer. The skies were blue and the flowers blooming. What better backdrop for a glamorous marriage celebration?
It's hard to imagine a bride who wouldn't be nervous upon entering such a grand ceremony room, such as they have at Wortley Hall, but Rebecca managed to shake off her nerves as she approached her groom. As they stood side by side, the couple appeared at ease with one another and eager to embrace the momentous and life-changing event that was about to happen. Both the ceremony and reception went well, but it wasn't until later on, when husband and wife hit the dance floor, that the couple truly found themselves helplessly lost in the moment. They couldn't take their eyes off one another!
I can't finish my account of the day without making a special mention of Rebecca and Ian's incredible cake. Not only was each individually-sized cupcake, intricately decorated and a picture of absolute perfection, but the whole structure was also adorned with a personalised cake topper that depicted the wedding couple. The beautiful colours, inticate stylings and attention to detail captured the essence of the whole day. This was a memorable wedding that provided a treat for the eyes.

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