Autumn Weddings

Autumn weddings are very popular. This isn’t just because it seems less likely to rain at this time in the UK than during any other season, but also because the changing colours of the leaves make for a beautiful backdrop. It’s quite often still warm enough in September and early October to get away with short sleeves during the day, as well as reception drinks and canapés served outside.

Country weddings are best for capturing a truly autumnal vibe, somewhere where there are plenty of deciduous trees with their leaves turning various shades of red, gold and brown, carpeting the ground as well as blowing in the wind. The colourful berries on trees at this time of year also add to the season’s colour palette. 

One of the best locations to hold an Autumn wedding in the Midlands or North of England is in the Peak District. This isn’t just because of the idyllic rural landscape here, but also because it’s home to a variety of different stately home and boutique hotel wedding venues set in acres of autumnal woodland. 

I love to capture seasonal details as this will enhance the overall mood of your wedding album. From experience, I’m aware that the story is always inevitably in the little details. It’s amazing how much more evocative your flower girl playing in the Autumn leaves outside your venue can be, than a posed shot that simply depicts every guest present at your wedding, smiling in unison.

Please have a look through my Autumn weddings gallery to get a feel for how a wedding at this time of year might look. You might even get some inspiration for your décor! Bear in mind that rural wedding venues tend to provide better exterior photographs in Autumn, than a cityscape without trees or plants close to where you’re getting married.