Humanist Wedding

A religious wedding ceremony is not for everyone. In an increasingly non-secular society, humanist weddings are rising in popularity. They give you a chance to provide vows and a wedding service that are meaningful to you and your relationship, without alluding to beliefs that are largely irrelevant in your life. Additionally you’ll have more creative control over the marriage ceremony, giving your wedding a more unique and personal touch.

The words that you choose in a humanist wedding will be delivered by a humanist celebrant. Your wedding will be a celebration of your love that is no less significant in the eyes of the law, and no less important, than the wedding that takes place in the church. All the details of your marriage will be of your choosing and you can make them as personal to your relationship as you wish.

Your wedding photography will reflect the mood and tone of the occasion. Whether you’re getting married outside, surrounded by glorious nature, or inside a building that is significant to you, your photos will capture the joy of your big day and any personal rituals you may choose to include. I will work closely with you before the wedding to ensure I know the schedule of your big day, in order to make sure I am relevantly located at the right time.

If you’d like to find out more about humanist wedding ceremonies, I’d be glad to tell you everything I’ve experienced. Or, if you’d like to get some inspiration for your humanist ceremony, please have a look through my humanist wedding photography gallery. For an informal discussion about the direction your wedding planning is taking and the sort of wedding photography I can provide, please get in touch. We can arrange an appointment to meet at a mutually convenient time in order to discuss prices, style and mood.