DIY English Country Garden

A DIY English country Garden wedding gives you the freedom to tailor your big day to your exact preferences in a beautiful setting. It gives you complete creative control over the colour and style of your decorations, so no matter how niche your tastes and interests are, your wedding will be decorated accordingly by you and your team.

However you choose to fill your blank canvas, I will try to include your creative efforts in the wedding photography. After all, if you've been up for the last four nights finishing your origami swan wedding favours, you’ll want to reminder of how fabulous they looked! I’ve photographed DIY English country weddings which have used fairy lights, paper pom-poms, bunting and umbrellas to great effect. Combine that with flowers a-plenty, manicured lawns and wild woodlands; whatever your venue offers, and the results can be even more impressive than a wedding with double the budget.

One of the most challenging aspects of a DIY wedding is having the inspiration to find a design for the decorations that are going to suit your theme, whilst being original in your approach. Once you’ve found the perfect design, whether that’s fiddly favours, or elaborate centrepieces, you’ll then need to have the skills (or find somebody who has the skills) to carry out the execution of the crafty task ahead of you.

If you take a look at my DIY English Country garden gallery, not only might it provide you with the inspiration you need to create innovative decorations, but also give you some ideas on how to turn a domestic garden, should you be using your own, or a friend’s land for your wedding marquee, into a manicured English country set-up. It’s amazing what a few carefully placed flower tubs can do for your photos and don’t forget to set up an Instagram # for your big day too, so your guests all have a place to share their photos with you. To find out more about the wedding photography packages I offer for DIY weddings, please get in touch.