Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can create some of the most picturesque wedding photographs. The trees are bare, the berries are red and the skies are often dramatic. If there’s ice on the ground, or snow in the air, then there’s nothing more romantic than a rosy-cheeked walk around the frozen paths of your venue. If I can snap an image of a duck skating across an icy pond, I will. Additionally, many stately home venues boast fields of snowdrops in February and these always make for a great backdrop. 

However, given that the British winter also hosts frequent downpours, we can always turn the focus on indoors if necessary. Indoors during the winter months is cosy and inviting. A romantic glow will fill the air, adding to the intimacy of the occasion. There are also plenty of winter wedding themes that can lend a special touch to your big day. Snowflakes, berries and Christmas themes are among the most popular. 

I’ve photographed many Christmas-themed winter weddings and rather than distract from the magic of your big day, exchanging your vows next to a Christmas tree can certainly enhance the occasion. At a Christmas wedding, the atmosphere is already giddy, given the proximity of the festive season (and the prospect of several days off work!) They’re also easy to decorate, given that the shops will be filled with festive ideas and inspiration. 

Why not deliberately choose a winter wedding that’s close to Christmas in order to take advantage of the heightened mood! You might find it easier for far away guests to reach you, because they are returning home to visit family members at this time of year anyway! This photo gallery showcases the winter weddings I have shot. Whatever the weather on the day of your marriage, your photographs will still be beautiful and if you get married in December, it’ll be a Christmas you’ll always remember!