Family Lifestyle Portraits

Children grow up so fast and although we capture their images all the time on our phones, when do we ever really have the time to look at the photos we've taken? My family lifestyle portraits will depict a special moment in your children's lives; perfectly framed for you to display in your house. Many families choose to include a beloved pet in the portrait.
The photo shoot will be fun and relaxed. Ideally, you'll be doing an activity you love to do together, such as playing in the park, walking the dog, or any hobbies you enjoy as a family. I will be focusing on the connection between you in order to tell your story.

If you are considering a family lifestyle portrait, have a think about the season in which you’d like to be photographed, because that will have an impact on your backdrop, as well as the location. Would you prefer an urban setting, or a rural one? Is there a building, a club, or an outside space that is dear to your heart? I'm very flexible and don't mind travelling.

Not totally sure that an engagement shoot is for you? Why not have a look through my pre-wedding shoot gallery to give you an idea of what can be achieved in this sort of photo session. You might decide that you don’t need more photos of the two of you, or perhaps you’ll feel inspired to have some professional images that will paint you both in a flattering light and help create a memory of your time together, before you live as husband and wife.

Why not give me a call to discuss where you’d like your family to be photographed? I’m open to all ideas and happy to arrange a no-obligation chat at a mutually convenient time in order to discuss your wedding photography preferences and needs.