Pre-Wedding Shoot

Planning a wedding is exciting. Forget for a moment that you have a to-do list that is burning a hole in your pocket and focus on the fact that you're about to tie the knot with the one you love and declare how much you love him or her in front of a crowd of your closest friends and family members.

A pre-wedding shoot serves two purposes. On the one hand it will capture the heady glow of the excitement you naturally feel leading up to your wedding day and it will help give you and your wedding photographer a chance to get to know one another. If your wedding photographer knows beforehand what sort of poses, background and style of photo you prefer, he or she can deliver a wedding album that is better suited to your taste.

Think of a pre-wedding shoot as a dress rehearsal for the big day. Without a rehearsal, the performance is more spontaneous. It's up to you as to whether you’d like to have some creative input into the process or not. The more you can prepare your photography, the more the outcome will match (and hopefully exceed) your expectations.

A pre-wedding shoot will provide you with an additional wedding album that depicts your life together before you are married and allows your photographer to get your preferred mood, tone and setting right. Please look through my pre-wedding shoot gallery, otherwise known as an engagement shoot gallery, to give you inspiration for the sort of location you might like to use.

To find out about prices, availability and ask any questions you might have, please do get in contact with me. I would welcome the opportunity to have an informal discussion with you about your pre-wedding and wedding photography preferences.