Journalistic / Reportage

Reportage wedding photography adds a unique flavour to your wedding album. Alongside the posed photos will be detailed and candid images of standout moments that will make your big day even more special. They will be taken unobtrusively, so you and your guests will have more free time to enjoy your wedding. I’ll be clicking away in the background, creating the images that will tell the story of your wedding, while you make the most of your big day.

Your wedding day can often pass in a bit of a blur, which is why your wedding photos are so important. Not only are they a reminder of your own experiences of the occasion, but they also capture the special moments as enjoyed by friends and family present at your wedding. They’ll give you an insight into how each table of guests at your wedding reception celebrated key moments of your marriage and capture the reactions of your loved ones to your big occasion. You might not know that your niece was seconds away from plunging headfirst into the cake before your brother heroically caught her, but the photos will reveal to you all the special moments, witnessed and remembered by others, which you might have missed.

Unlike the photographs which your photographer must choreograph, reportage wedding photography does not occur when those in the frame smile and say ‘Cheese!’ Because your guests are less conscious of the fact their photo is being taken, they will appear more relaxed and natural in the images. It is my intention to create a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Your guests will see me taking photos of everyone, but the manner in which I will do so, should cause no awkwardness. The people you’ve invited to your wedding should not feel the need to grin unnaturally into the lens and this means everyone will feel more at ease. Here are some examples of my reportage work.