Winter Snow at Roche Abbey, Rotherham - South Yorkshire

Posted on 10th January 2010 by Mark Tierney

This is Roche Abbey near Maltby, Rotherham covered in winter snow. Well the big freeze continues in the UK and it’s set to become the longest ever! Whilst motorist struggled to get to work and hundreds of schools were closing because of the freezing temperatures, I took advantage. I didn’t want to risk driving down the frozen country lanes to Roche Abbey, so I decided to walk there instead. It was about a 8 mile round trip but felt longer because of the snow. Roche Abbey looked beautiful and I’ve never seen so much snow on the surrounding trees. I didn’t see a single person down there only birds struggling to find food, including a Kingfisher! In this post there are also images of Laughton en le Morthern, Stone (near Sandbeck) and Slade Hooton. BBC Radio Sheffield used one of these images on their website and another Roche Abbey photograph was printed in this weeks Rotherham Advertiser.

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