Whitley Hall Wedding Photography, Sheffield - Fran & Tom

Posted on 18th November 2014 by Mark Tierney

You know how sometimes you get an uncontrollable and highly infectious fit of the giggles, which spreads throughout the room? Well, this is what happened during Fran and Tom's wedding ceremony at Whitley Hall in Sheffield! It was a brilliant, joyful occasion anyway, so the fact that literally nobody could stop giggling was simply the icing on the wedding cake. Even the weather smiled down on them, producing clear blue skies and lashings of sunshine for the whole day.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and populated by peacocks, Whitley Hall made for a very romantic setting. We took a few shots with straight faces among the trees during a quiet moment, before it was time for the newlyweds to make their way into the reception room. However as soon as they walked in, they were off again. This was a wedding with a fantastic sense of humour. It was very enjoyable. Decorated with roses, it was also a stylish affair. The plum chutney favours were a lovely touch.

With the meal out of the way, the best men did their utmost to help wind everybody up that little bit more and then it was on with the evening's entertainment. Suddenly the serious business of the first dance sobered everybody up. Fran and Tom took to the floor like pros and it was a magical moment. This is a couple who are quite obviously meant to be together. Three cheers for a very charismatic husband and wife. Here's to a fantastic laughter-filled future together!

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