Rock my Dress Shoot at Derwent Dam, Ladybower Reservoir & Baslow Edge - Peak District

Posted on 20th March 2010 by Mark Tierney

This is Joanna having a Rock my Dress shoot in her red wedding dress, taken at various locations on the Sheffield side of the Peak District. The first location was shot at the base of the massive dam wall at Derwent Reservoir. This is the reservoir where the famous Dambusters trained during World War II. As we walking up to the dam a RAF Hercules transport plane flew in between the towers and I had my camera in my bag – aaarrgghh! What a great sight though! The second location was further down the Derwent Valley at the Ladybower overspill hole. The last location was high up on a windswept Baslow Edge. The conditions were perfect with some nice moody clouds over the valley. I must say Joanna was great to work with and it was quite cold up there and she never complained once. Thanks for being a great model Joanna smile

There are so many different terms for these type of shoots, trash the dress, rock my dress, rock my frock, love my dress, cherish my dress and even shoot my dress, take your pick. The idea behind Rock the Dress is simple – instead of packing your beautiful dress away in the loft never to be seen again, choose a location and end up with some distinctive photographs that are a world away from traditional wedding portraits. What Rock my Dress gives you is the opportunity to get some very different images, taken in locations that you normally wouldn’t go to, to take formal photographs. You don’t have to trash the dress; Joanna’s dress looked like new after the shoot, apart from the champagne stains from her wedding day.

Joanna's Rock my Dress Shoot has also been featured on the number 1 wedding blog in the UK - Rock N’Roll Bride and the English Wedding blog smile

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