Aston Church & Consort Hotel, Rotherham - Stacey & Rob

Posted on 7th June 2017 by Mark Tierney

Stacey and Rob's wedding in Rotherham was a beautiful family-friendly occasion, with even their unborn child listening to the bride and groom exchange their vows. Underneath the arches of the tradition church ceremony, family and friends watched as Stacey and Rob finally tied the knot. There was clearly a lot of love and support in the room.

Afterwards, we took a few photos in the churchyard, covered in confetti, before heading off to the reception venue; The Consort Hotel. We grabbed a few shots by the lake on the way, the jetty being a very fitting symbol of new beginnings. The hotel, when we got there, had a very grand dining room, which had been decorated with elegant linens, handcrafted table stationary and the couples' favourite chocolates; Fererro  Rocher! The room was so large, there was enough space for the children to lie down on the floor and relax!

I managed to steal the newly-weds away for a few more couple shots as the light faded over nearby corn fields and woodland pathways, but we got back in time to see the balloons being released over the crowd and the giant "LOVE" sign being turned on to illuminate the dance floor.

Highlights of the reception include some magnificent speeches, great ‘guest’ djs and Stacey and Rob themselves, who were a joy to photograph. I'd like to raise my glass to a great couple, a great marriage and wish them both all the very best.

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