Sheffield Botanical Gardens & The Chimney House - Sim & Frankie

Posted on 3rd September 2018 by Mark Tierney

Sim and Frankie’s wedding had the outfits, jewellery and smiles worthy of the happiest moments in a Bollywood musical. A shimmering vision in blue, gold and mehndi, the bride made her way up the long, winding picturesque garden path aisle flanked by close family members.

The weather was bright, reflecting the mood of the day and was perfect for the outdoor ceremony, which took place in the entrance to the large Victorian botanical glasshouse. The guests sat outside, beside the red carpet that would serve as the platform for a very moving ceremony.

Once the joyful tears had been wiped away, with only huge grins remaining, we took a few posed and documentary-style photos on the lawns, before I managed to get the newlyweds on their own for a few bride and groom portraits. The climbing roses, colourful shrubs, drooping willows and elegant trees served as a very cinematic backdrop. Everything green seems to be thriving in the heat wave, whilst providing the perfect wedding setting at the same time.

The reception took place at the Chimney House, a venue that expertly combines urban chic and an inner city wild nature feel. In a room decorated with candles, the couple cut their cake and danced the night away.  Sim and Frankie touched everyone with their emotional tying of the knot and gave us all a day filled with smiles and laughter. Wishing them all the very best!

Thanks to my fellow professional wedding photographer and friend Darren Cresswell for second shooting for me!

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