Buy Photo Prints of Sheffield’s Iconic Locations

Posted on 15th May 2019 by Mark Tierney

I’ve been a photographer for 11 now and nothing fills me full of more excitement than when I get a job in South Yorkshire.

Whether it’s industrial or commercial photography, e-commerce product shoots all my other job which is wedding photography, whenever it’s in Yorkshire I’m always happy. I was born in Rotherham and raised here and although I have seen many changes over the span of my lifetime essentially the heartbeat of the area has stayed the same.

Sometimes it feels as though the landscape affects the people and the people affect the landscape if you know what I mean. Like any modern city, Sheffield is an eclectic mix of old and new buildings. When new developments take place they immediately fit in or adapt to the landscape that is part urban part rural.

Buy Photo Prints of Sheffield's Iconic Locations

Obviously, I've shot in a lot of locations across Sheffield and the surrounding area.  Some of the most  notable locations are 

  • Tinsley Towers
  • Kelham Island Museum
  • The chimney house,
  • Sheffield Town Hall and City Hall.
  • Hendersons Relish Factory

Tinsley Towers
The Cooling Towers of the old power station at Tinsley are almost legend.  The iconic towers were demolished in 2008, but are still fondly remembered by local artists and photographers.
It's hard to go anywhere in Sheffield without seeing some form of memorabilia that reflects the towers.

Luckily, I shot a lot of photos there before the towers came down. So it's easy for you to buy your own Tinsley Towers prints

Kelham Island Museum

The Kelham Island Museum is located in one of the city’s oldest industrial districts.  This Popular tourist attraction is often home to local wedding receptions. Furthermore, it obviously makes for a great and iconic backdrop for photos.  The museum stands on a man-made island over 900 years old. Opened in the 1980s to showcase the objects, pictures and archive material representing Sheffield’s industrial story.

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The Chimney House

The Chimney House got its name from its 93ft chimney, which soars straight through the room's floor and out of its roof. The history of the building has been traced back to 1860 and the origins of the steel rolling mills which made Kelham Island part of Sheffield famous. Today The Chimney House is an independently owned and operated award winning events venue. This iconic building is an important English landmark and home to the award-winning Meeting Rooms and Private Dining Rooms. 

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Sheffield Town Hall & City Hall
Sheffield Townhall and City Hall are popular sites to shoot photos.  Whether corporate, council or weddings, People love to include the style and history of the buildings into the photos. I'm only too happy to oblige because both buildings have great character and when combined with the Sheffield skyline, a moody sky, they make for great photographs.

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Henderson Relish Factory
It might amuse some that one of the most popular prints I sell is the Hendersons Relish factory but when you consider that Hendersons is an iconic Sheffield brand. A company that has employed many thousands of local people over the years, it's totally understandable why local people in Sheffield and the surrounding area ask for Hendersons to feature in some way in their photo prints.

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How to Buy Sheffield Photo Prints 

If you'd like to own a print of some my Sheffield and South Yorkshire Photos Please get in touch. See the photos in this post as an example of what's on offer.
If you'd like to know more, do please get in touch to discuss your needs.  

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