Hodsock Priory Wedding - Chloe & Dan

Posted on 6th March 2022 by Mark Tierney

Chloe and Dan’s wedding took place at Hodsock Priory; one of my absolute favourite local wedding venues. It was a marriage filled with sunshine, smiles, and lots of children having the time of their lives!

The ceremony itself was very moving. Dan’s emotion as his bride arrived was infectious. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was real pleasure to capture so many magical moments.

After the newly-weds had officially become husband and wife, we headed outside for group photos on the lawn, then a few bride and groom portraits. 

I took more bride and groom portraits after their fun wedding reception, featuring a towering, and most spectacular fruit, and flower filled cake! It was a chance to walk around the lovely grounds, and for the couple to have the wedding bouncy castle to themselves for a little while! 

Given the warm weather, the sun took a long time to get lower in the sky, so it wasn’t until the evening’s festivities had begun, complete with all guests dancing on the grass, that the shadows finally began to grow long and the kids started to get tired. 

A wonderful day was had by all. Many congratulations to Chloe and Dan. May they enjoy a sunshine-filled future together!

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