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Posted on 14th May 2014 by Mark Tierney

Kirsty and Chris were married at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, a venue that oozes chivalrous romance from every corner. With atmospheric lighting, grand architectural arches and suits of armour in unexpected places, it's not hard to see why Kirsty and her knight chose this setting to be swept off their feet. The passionate mood was catching too. It wasn't just the bride and groom who displayed their emotions during the ceremony, but quite a few of their guests too!

The couple both looked very stylish with the bride in pearls and lace and the groom in a grey morning suit. However I'm sure they won't mind me saying they were both somewhat upstaged by their daughter, whom everyone agreed looked adorable. She walked up the aisle with them and would later lead everybody onto the dance floor! After the ceremony, we took some photos outside in the winter sunshine. We had just enough time to get some great shots before the toastmaster announced the couple's entrance into the reception.

I have to mention some of the visual treats of this wedding because there's no denying that the glamorously understated style of their décor only served to make the whole day appear even more elegant and sophisticated. There were some lovely medieval details that fitted in perfectly with the ambience such as an abundance of candlelight (on the tables and in the church) and the cutting of the cake with a sword. There was also no shortage of entertainment. Guests were treated to a string quartet and a wedding magician, who had a few tricks up his sleeve. (Sssh don't tell anyone, I'm sure those cards weren't up his sleeve really!)

The speeches created another enjoyably emotional high point of the day. This was certainly a wedding filled with love. The venue appeared transformed, bathed as it was in a deep blue light. The dance hall had became a disco. The littlest bridesmaid knew what to do and hit the floor in a spin, followed closely by mum and dad for the first dance. As everyone else joined the newly-weds on the dance floor, it became obvious that there were a number of couples drinking in the romance of the atmosphere. Was there something in the wine? I suspect not. It was simply a case of Kirsty and Chris's beautifully put together wedding releasing a desire in others to follow suit! This was a memorable occasion that I suspect will inspire others to take an interest in tying the knot...

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