Same Sex Wedding - London Wedding Venue

Kieran and Graham tied the knot on a bright, clear, midsummer’s day in London. Given the joyous laughter and seemingly endless sunshine, stretching long into the night, this was a celebration of love and life that just kept giving. The grooms looked seriously stylish in blue suits and floral ties, giving the scenery around them a film set vibe.

The marriage itself took place in the Balcony Room of the Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe; a venue that was decorated simply and elegantly for the occasion. This historic building was built in the borough of Southwark in the 16th century, with the main purpose of staging the bard’s plays. It’s unsurprising perhaps, given his involvement, that Shakespeare himself was a part owner of the property.

You could argue that the romantic energy in the room at this same sex wedding becomes all the more significant, when we consider the productions of the world’s most famous love story; Romeo and Juliet, that took place here, would have been performed by two male actors. Female actors were not allowed to play Juliet until the early 1660s.

The beautiful flowers, arranged by a close friend, are worth a particular mention as they made the room all the more special. Bright colours and the summer floral vibe gave the décor a creative touch.   When the grooms walked in together there was a smile on every face and a lot of touching emotion in the room.

As the room was so hot, the balcony doors had been opened fully to let in some air, giving guests a great view of St Paul’s Cathedral, on the other side of the River Thames. This iconic London attraction, with its famously domed roof, forms an instantly recognisable part of the British capital’s skyline and it was London’s skyline which Kieran and Graham chose as a recurring theme in their wedding stationary. Designed by Christopher Wren over 300 years ago, the cathedral which has played host to some of the UK’s most famous weddings; including that of Charles and Diana, is a gift to wedding photographers when it appears in the backdrop!

Following two readings and the exchange of vows, I took some photos of the newlyweds being congratulated afterwards and then some posed family shots outside. After that, there was a bit of time to take some couple portraits. We opted for an urban brickwork setting, garden vibe and of course, what London wedding is complete without a romantic photo situated beside the Thames? We wandered up and down the streets of the Southbank, in amongst the crowds, sharing the good mood of the day. Do you know how much more beautiful everyone looks when they’re smiling joyfully!

Back in the reception room, which was steadily getting hotter, it was standing room only on the balcony. Luckily there was a wide selection of ice cold drinks to keep everyone cool. Following the meal, we all admired the impressive rainbow display of cupcakes on the wedding cake table and thoroughly enjoyed the joint groom speech. There were a few tears. The best men certainly knew their audience and enjoyed playing to the crowd.  It was then time for the evening’s entertainments to begin.

By the time the dancing began, it was still light! The sun didn’t set until late into the evening, but when it did, we got a few brilliantly cinematic shots of Kieran and Graham standing on the Millennium Bridge, their happiness reflected in their faces, while the colourful city lights reflected in the water. This is one of my favourite bridges in the city. Having been built in a contemporary design just a couple of decades ago, it stands in stark contrast to the 17th century St Pauls, in front of which it is angled.

I’d like to raise a toast to a couple who are both so clearly in love, as well as well- loved. All the very best! If you’re looking for a London wedding photographer why not get in touch with me.