Woodborough Hall Wedding Photography, Nottinghamshire - Lucy & Shaun

Posted on 2nd June 2014 by Mark Tierney

Every so often a wedding comes along that really warms the heart and this is the case with Lucy and Shaun's wedding. It took place at Woodborough Hall in Nottinghamshire and the approval and support of the guests at this marriage was overwhelming. When this couple met they were finally able to put their past behind them, because it was clear to everyone that they had each finally met the person who would make them the happiest. Unable to take their eyes off one another during the ceremony, it was an emotional wedding service. You couldn't help but feel happy for them. There was never any doubt that they meant to be together!

After the ceremony, Lucy looking stunning in a beautiful, blingy dress, made her way outside with her dapper new husband to enjoy Pims on the lawn. The pair were a pleasure to photograph as they posed together so naturally, clearly enjoying one another's company. While they were kept busy with the photos, the younger kids entertained themselves by charging up and down Woodborough Hall's gardens and the teenagers engrossed themselves in their iPhones.

Both the ceremony and reception rooms were decorated according to the couple's black and silver colour scheme. The effect was elegant and striking, much like the couple themselves. The most important detail at the wedding however, was how Lucy and Shaun felt about one another. Clear for all to see. This was a special wedding for me to photograph, for many reasons.

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