Wood Lane Countryside Centre, Sheffield - Penny & Jon

Posted on 18th June 2014 by Mark Tierney

Penny & Jon 's romantic wedding took place in Sheffield and it was a real crowd-pleaser. You know when you get the feeling that two people were destined to be together - this was very much the case here! After the smiliest ceremony ever, we headed outside to take some photos of the beautiful rustic venue that is the Woodlane Countryside Centre. It was looking very picturesque, thanks to some very fine, vintage bunting and lashings of sunshine.

During our photo shoot, the happy couple couldn't keep their eyes (or lips!) off one another, which was very sweet. Luckily however, while we were busy with the photography, the guests were adequately entertained by a huge variety of toys which had been laid out for the many kids to play with. It was only a matter of time before the adults could resist the fun no longer and the children were ordered to let the parents join in! A competitive football match engaged a lot of the groomsmen, but the bitterest rivalry of the night was surely reserved for the hula hooping!

When the footballs, hula hoops, swords and wind machines had finally been put to one side it was time for the reception. The bride and groom's joint speech to their seated loved ones was a highlight of the day! Another was the sight of Jon and Penny following convention and playing it safe for the first dance, holding each other close to open the dance floor. That done, they were able to properly set about strutting their stuff. The dancing was tremendous and just when you thought the night couldn't get any better, John's band took to the stage with the groom himself heading up the brass section! The thought and care that was taken in planning this wedding made it a romantic and exciting occasion for everybody.

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