DIY Garden Wedding Renewal - Sam & Timm

Posted on 9th January 2015 by Mark Tierney

This is probably my favourite wedding I have ever photographed. Timm are Sam are friends of mine so it was always going to be very enjoyable documenting their big day.

I will let Sam explain why is was such a special and emotional day especially for the Cleasby's!

How on earth do you choose someone to photograph your wedding when you run a photography company? We were spoilt for choice, as we know some of the best in the business, but when Timm and I had to make the decision, there was only one name on our lips and that was Mark Tierney.

Timm and I renewed our wedding vows on September 6th 2014 in a laid back, fun, home made back yard wedding.  Ten years after we first tied the knot in Las Vegas, we wanted to renew our vows and have a big party with the friends and family who couldn't make it to Vegas.

I have been ill for a couple of years and had some major, life changing surgery and our wedding was at the end of the toughest year of our lives so it was always going to be an emotional one.  The tears flowed all day, my sister flew over from Australia to be with us, my best friend and bridesmaid almost didn't make it because of health reasons and as I walked down the aisle with my mum to the sound of our three children playing instruments and singing ‘Wonderwall’ we were all in pieces.

Surrounded by all our family and friends, we both had the most amazing day.  It was a real community event, the minister was our close friend, our families and friends had helped decorate the garden and marquee, the cake was made by four friends who baked a tier each, my flowers were by a friend and great florist Orchis, our guests were entertained by our magician pal Steve Faulkner, our vows were from the heart and included lines about zombies and we had the most perfect day (despite the fog and rain!!)

Our HUGE wedding party consisted of 8 groomsmen and 10 bridesmaids!  We have had so much love and support over the past years that we couldn't choose between all these wonderful people in our lives and so we had them all!

There were a few surprises in our day that I had been planning for Timm, I wanted to do something special for him and I am usually so rubbish at keeping secrets that I knew if I set my mind to it, I could surprise him.  And so during the speeches I pulled out my surprise videos!  Starting with our American friends sending a lovely message for us, I also got video messages from the Arctic Monkeys, The Darkness, Howard from Great British Bake Off and ending with a video from Timm’s son who was serving in Afghanistan at the time.  Timm was blown away and the stress of hiding my emails and keeping secrets was all worth it!

In the evening, wanting to keep the home made vibe going, we had our son’s band play, which was amazing.  But just before I had one more little trick up my sleeve.  I had been secretly rehearsing with some fantastic musical friends to sing one of Timm’s favourite song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen.  The look on his face as I stepped up to the microphone and started introducing onto the stage his musician friends and our son was priceless.  It was a fantastic start to the evening party.  Our relaxed wedding day ended with laughter, dancing and so much joy.

Mark was an amazing photographer, though I barely noticed him all day, our photographs show every detail, every special moment and capture the fun and excitement of our wedding.  Your wedding day means so much to you, you spend so much time and effort in making sure it is a perfect day.  To have photographs of all those memories that are so beautiful, so creative, so real is absolutely priceless.

Thank you Mark from the bottom of our hearts

Sam and Timm

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