Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Bradford, Wedding Photography - Helen & David

Posted on 22nd May 2014 by Mark Tierney

Helen and David's wedding ceremony took place at Victoria Hall in Bradford to a packed crowd. The love and support in the room was incredible. Theirs were not guests who are were afraid to show their emotions, and neither were the couple themselves. The marriage was filled with plenty of enthusiastic singing, live music and a myriad of different speakers. It was first and foremost a holy celebration of love!

As well as consisting of a lavish ceremony this was also a very stylish occasion. The groom and all of his groomsmen were clad in full kilt regalia (including daggers!) while the bride and her artfully mismatched attendants opted for woodland flower rings and rustic elegance. This good looking couple certainly make a striking visual impression. After the ceremony, we took some photos outside in the fading light. It was a little chilly, but Helen's cosy plaid wrap managed to keep the two of them warm!

The wedding reception also took place at Victoria Hall. Given that many different cakes had been brought in, the cake table groaned under the weight of temptation. I'm not sure how the guests managed to eat all that cake and then take part in the ceilidh afterwards, but they did. They must have been a fit lot! After the food, and with so many guests present, the large hall was filled with couples dancing. It was a spectacular sight. This was a day that not only united Helen and David, but also memorably brought together all of their friends and family.

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