The Mermaid Centre, London - Adrienne & Jon

Posted on 5th December 2017 by Mark Tierney

London was the vibrant, colourful, urban setting for Adrienne and John's wedding but unfortunately somebody forgot to inform the weather gods. Dark skies certainly didn't put a dampener on the day however. If anything, they only served to make the venue; The Mermaid Centre, all the more cosy.

After a touching ceremony, we took to the streets to get some bride, groom and family portraits in the Blackfriars area. I was extremely fortunate to be photographing such optimistic and easy-going newlyweds. Also lucky for me, was the way Adrienne and John smiled at one another, which meant no sunshine was necessary on this particular day to warm the heart, or lighten the mood. There was enough love present to transform a grey London afternoon into something very special.

The moving ceremony was followed by a fun loving reception. During the speeches, Adrienne was presented with a small cake for her birthday, while the groom was given a Bugle, which he then proceeded to blow before dancing with his best man!

Before the cutting of the (official) cake and first dance, we went outside to capture a few more couple shots. By this time London was doing one of the things London does very well, which is look stunning at night. Its neon skyline was at its iconic and cinematic best! We couldn't have found a more impressive backdrop if we tried.

Many thanks to John and Adrienne for being such good sports. This memorable wedding and I'd like to wish them all the very best in their future together.

Adrienne's Supplier Shoutout:

Hair and make-up -  The Painted Lady

Wedding dress - Bridal Shop

Cake - Pete's Cakes

Flowers - Fresh Flowers

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