Swinton Park & Swinton Bivouac Wedding - Helen & Neil

Posted on 23rd March 2017 by Mark Tierney

Helen and Neil's stunningly rustic wedding was always going to be out of the ordinary. The grounds at Swinton Park looking very impressive and with this wedding the bride and groom decided to have their couple shots taken before the ceremony began. We took photos under the gnarled old tree, with autumnal leaves floating down from above and against the ancient ivy wall, ablaze with red leaves.

Then it was time to head for the big house, where the Helen and Neil exchanged their vows in front of an assorted crowd of friends, family and loved ones. The confetti bar came into its own as the newlyweds headed outside, through a picturesque archway, to begin the celebrations in earnest. There was a huge flurry of colour. Then we took family and groups shots on the lawn, but given the slight chill in the air, it wasn't long before we headed for the cosy lighting and intimate setting of the rooms inside.

Drinks were followed by a hearty wedding breakfast in the pastel-coloured reception room of Swinton Bivouac. This the point when I usually take a walk with the happy couple to grab some shots alone, but, with the couple shots done, this set-up allowed more time to spent catching up with the guests, which was a lovely sentiment.

Speeches followed the meal and it became ever clearer that this is a couple who are much loved, as well as being very appreciative of the support they have received. I would like to raise my glass to this fantastic bride and groom in order to wish them all the very best in their future.  

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