Swan at Shakesphere’s Globe Theatre, London - Georgie & Zain

Posted on 17th August 2016 by Mark Tierney

I knew Georgia and Zain's wedding would be very special before the first curtain call! With the main event taking place at the Swan at Shakespeare's Theatre and the wedding party arriving by boat, it promised to be extraordinary occasion.

Zain and Georgia are such a lovely couple it was a very emotional moment for everyone. The bridegroom then wooed his bride beneath the willows outside, heavily encouraged by me, as the sunny riverside backdrop was so beautiful.

To add some contrast to the scene, I then took some photos of the couple as they made their way through the swinging, colourful London streets and over the millennium footbridge. I must say thank you to the skateboarder who happily flew through the air for a couple of shots! It was then time to head back to the Swan, giving the newlyweds and their guests a chance to channel their inner superhero.

This novel and thoughtful wedding managed to create a vibrant party atmosphere in the centre of London, while still focusing on the aim of the day; to celebrate the love between Georgia and Zain, who are clearly wonderful together. I'd like to wish them all the very best.

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