Stoke Park Luxury Hotel Wedding, Buckinghamshire - Catherine & Mehdi

Posted on 13th August 2014 by Mark Tierney

For a truly glamorous marriage, Catherine and Mehdi's Stoke Park extravaganza surely leads the way! Let me set the scene. This Buckinghamshire venue was the location for two classic Bond films, (Goldfinger and Tomorrow Never Dies) as well as a huge number of other very successful British films, including Bridget Jones and Layer Cake! And you know what? This wedding would not have looked out of place on a film set, given the beautifully ornate details and careful, precision planning.

The day consisted of two ceremonies, one British and one Iranian. The first took place on the red carpet outside, in lashings of glorious sunshine. The second took place inside, amidst a treasure trove of stunning sweets and flowers. It was a very spacious venue, but the obvious closeness of the couple, combined with the fantastic atmosphere lent the occasion an air of intimacy and the feeling that, as a guest, you were witnessing something very special indeed!

After the ceremonies, the glamour continued into the night. The grooms men looked the part in shades and Mehdi did a great job of wooing his leading lady! Two features with a wow-factor at the reception included an enormous chocolate fountain and an impressive swan sculpture made of ice (or vodka?). Nothing, however, beat the exciting (and slightly dangerous) sight of the bridesmaid dancing with the knife that would be used to cut the cake! The band and the dancing (minus the knife after the cake-cutting) carried on until late. I'm not sure if the couple made a dramatic Bond-style exit, by helicopter, or submarine, but I do know that their wedding was legendary in itself. All the very best, Catherine and Mehdi!

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