St Anthony’s Church & Wood Hall, West Yorkshire - Gez & Andy

Posted on 12th November 2014 by Mark Tierney

To feel inspired by a beautifully romantic wedding, you need to cast your eyes over Andy and Gez's big day. The couple tied the knot at St Anthony's church in Leeds and it was a seriously moving affair. Despite a slight problem with the bridegroom's ring (there was lots of giggling about it, but Andy didn't seem to mind!) the ceremony was perfect. There were no dry eyes that day! It was obvious that these newlyweds were meant to be together.

The weather held out just long enough for some of the guests to show off their extravagant headgear outside and for the tug of war to get underway. However, judging by the fiercely competitive streaks of both the bride and groom (who were heading up opposing sides – team Wales and team Yorkshire) the timely storm which then occurred (complete with thunder and lightning) was a diplomatic announcement by Mother Nature to cool it, because the wedding breakfast was about to be served. The couple and their guests took their places inside the gorgeously elegant, yet cosy Wood Hall and a great time was had by all, during the meal and the humorous speeches that followed.

The night ended on an energetic (and potentially dangerous) high, when all present took to the dance floor. Anybody who experienced Andy's moves at too close quarters presumably kept quiet about any minor injuries that may have been inflicted, given that it was his big day. I think it's fair to say though that both Andy and Gez certainly know how to put on a fantastic do. Wishing them both the very best of luck in their future together.

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