Scarborough Spa & Farm Wedding - Jonny & Emily

Posted on 18th August 2015 by Mark Tierney

Jonny and Emily's wedding ceremony famously got off to a flying start. There were so many elements that made this marriage memorable. However, the one that the newspapers picked up on, was the fact that the last remaining airworthy Vulcan bomber managed to photobomb the wedding at the Scarborough Spa, as the bridesmaids walked up the aisle! As part of armed forces this amazing machine swooped low over the sea and I managed to capture it behind Jonny and framed in the pavilion window of this beautiful outside ceremony. Fab as all this was, it didn't distract from all efforts that has gone into putting together their seaside-themed big day.

Family and friends sat in deckchairs on the patio in the bright sunshine to watch Jonny and Emily tie the knot. There was clearly a lot of love on this British seafront that day, but the way the newly weds walked back up the aisle perfectly in sync, with matching smiles, demonstrated to everyone just how thrilled they were to have made a commitment to one another.

We took some photos on the beach and the promenade later, where a helicopter proceeded to photobomb the bridesmaids. It was all going on in the skies that day! Then we went back to Jonny's family's farm for the reception. This was where all the flowers for the day had been grown and they looked amazing!

The king and queen of impressive entrances and exits (they used a convertible sports car for the ceremony) Emily and Jonny arrived on a decorated hay cart pulled by a tractor. There was badminton and canapés before everyone took their seats in the grand marquee and I took the opportunity to grab some couple shots in the cornfields and next to the cowsheds while everybody else was happily entertained.

Something that deserves a special mention is the wedding cake, which was bursting with rustic charm and looked like a potential prize winner from the Great British Bake Off.! As it grew dark and the band played the song for the first dance, the couple were able to show off their rock and roll moves. It was fun and romantic, a mood that was clearly infectious, given the amount of couples who hit the dance floor in their wake. It was a very special wedding and one which I very much enjoyed.

Emily's Supplier Shout Out:

Hair - Lauren at CASCADA Hair, Skin & Beauty in Scarborough,

Flowers - Jill at Binnington Blooms

Caterers - Nabs Nosh

Band - Sophie Garner and The New Breed

Wedding Dress was from Phase Eight

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