Mount Pleasant - Doncaster - Craig & Laura

Posted on 26th October 2023 by Mark Tierney

When Craig and Laura tied the knot at Mount Pleasant in Doncaster it became very clear that the perfect composite had been created. There’s no skirting around the issue. Here were two people who were excited to be dovetailed together in matrimony.

I first met joiner, Craig, four years ago, so this was a very special one for me. His emotion during the ceremony was heartwarming, and nature seemed to agree, because afterwards, as we took a few bride and groom portraits in amongst the bluebells and blossom, the sunshine lit up the lawns for the first time that day.

The reception was a fun one with great speeches, leading into the newlyweds getting their groove on for the first dance. We took a few more photos outside, under the dramatic skies, before the sun disappeared completely and the wedding party wrapped for the evening.  It was a fantastic Spring wedding for a brilliant couple. Wishing them all the best!

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About the author: Mark Tierney

Mark Tierney is a Yorkshire based Contemporary Wedding Photographer covering the UK and beyond.