Millennium Gallery Wedding, Sheffield - Rachel & Rob

Posted on 4th May 2015 by Mark Tierney

Occasionally a wedding comes along that's so incredibly stylish, it's talked about in wider circles than just the guest's own. This was the case with Rachel and Rob, who were married at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. I'm proud to say the photos we took that day will be featured in top wedding blog, Boho Weddings.

The event was certainly a visual spectacular, with lots of bright colours and an utterly unique venue that was flooded with space and light. However, what made the marriage really special was the amount of love in the room that day. It was clear when Rob shed a tear during the ceremony (in a very manly way of course), just as it was clear when Rachel shed a tear during the bridegroom's speech, that a celebration of their feelings for one another, was really what the day was about.

Following the ceremony, I took some photos of the couple outside. It was important that we had few shots of the couple in the Winter Gardens, which are next door to the venue, because this was where Rob proposed! I also managed to persuade a slightly reluctant Rachel that it was a good idea to climb Sheffield's iconic and very tall car park, known locally as the Cheese Grater.

Back at the reception the guests enjoyed a meal, a handmade cake and a best man's speech that caused the both bride and groom to shield their eyes in mock embarrassment. A great sense of humour was apparent throughout the day, which is another reason why everybody had such a good time. These are fun people to be around!

The night ended with Rob's band taking to the stage. They were very accomplished and exactly what the crowd needed to coax them onto the dance floor. The show stealer of the night though, turned out to be the main couple themselves, with Rachel on vocals and Rob on guitar. It was a surprise and a very successful one. Wishing them all the very best in their harmonious future together.

Rachel's Supplier Shout Out:

Venue – Millennium Gallery (amazing space, all tables, chairs, linens etc included so no surprise costs later on, staff were brilliant on the day, events organisers there are spot on and helpful any time I needed them and food was delicious)


Brides Dress – Jenny Packham at The White Room (beautiful dresses for brides wanting something different)


Bridesmaid Dresses – Laura at Something New (she made quality dresses, always got in touch when I needed her, at one point I had a pregnant bridesmaid but unfortunately she missed the wedding to give birth to her gorgeous little girl but Laura at Something New was even offering to alter the dress the day before if she gave birth early and could com. She went above and beyond with the alterations and getting my three remaining bridesmaids ready on the day)


Hair & Makeup – Lauren & Louise at Bridal Creative (very professional and talented)


Flowers – Emma at Orchis Floral (loves her job, she gets so excited about the events she’s doing and loves discussing them, if I had any ideas I would email them to her all the time)


Hired Items (Candelabra & Post Box) – Avant Garden (also a florist but we had already chosen ours so we just hired some items, they have a great range of decorations from big to small and at great prices)


Car – Regency Cars (lovely driver on the day)

And lots bought from Hobbycraft and Ebay!

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