Mayfield Chapel, The Norfolk Arms, Sheffield - Sarah & Ross

Posted on 10th August 2017 by Mark Tierney

Some weddings are blessed with breathtaking scenery and a beautiful summer light that shows the landscape off to its best advantage. Sarah and Ross's wedding was one such wedding. The joyful ceremony took place at the unique Mayfield Chapel at Fulwoods. I thought the body language of the bride and groom, as they set to one side during the reading, spoke just as loudly about the very tender feelings they obviously have for one another, as the vows they exchanged aloud. It was a very touching service.

Afterwards we took a few confetti-filled photos outside on the grass. The bridesmaids looked stunning in pale blue. The cars used on the day deserve a special mention. The yellow beach buggy belongs to Ross's twin brother, Evan, while the brightly coloured Beatles belong to Ross's friends. This is clearly a couple who are keen on cars.

On our way to the reception venue; The Norfolk Arms, I took Sarah and Ross for a little walk to local beauty spot, Upper Burbage, in the Peak District to take some bride and groom portraits. The couple were game enough to entertain the idea of climbing onto a high ridge with a stunning view of the valley below and we managed to take some great shots.

The wedding breakfast took place in a marquee outside The Norfolk Arms, which was surrounded by lush green fields of glorious yellow flowers. It was truly a beautiful occasion with nature and the emotions of the day in harmony with one another. Many congratulations to Sarah and Ross. I'd like to wish them all the best.

Sarah's Supplier Shout Out:

The dress was from WED2B

Hair was Jess at K2 Proctor Hairwork

Cake was one of the bridesmaids.

My sister and I did the flowers, bought wholesale through Triangle Nursery

The vases were all old bbq sauce bottles that we'd collected - Ross pretty much drinks the stuff

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