Louise & Paul’s Wedding Photography, Aston Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Posted on 27th November 2010 by Mark Tierney

This is Louise & Paul’s wedding day which was held at Aston Hall in Sheffield. Louise and Paul had a scare a couple of weeks before they were due to be married when the company that owned Aston Hall went into administration and there was also a fire at the hotel! Luckily their wedding was not affected and the celebration went ahead with no problems. We were lucky with the weather because it was a typical English autumn day with sun and showers through the day. I also managed to capture Louise & Paul with a rainbow in the sky. The last image is a long exposure image light painted with a blue torch and the orange sky is the light pollution over Sheffield - it was not photoshopped wink Here are some of my favourites from the day.

Louise & Paul’s wedding has also been featured on the Brides up North wedding blog smile

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