Leeds Town Hall & White Cloth Gallery - Iain & Neal

Posted on 15th January 2015 by Mark Tierney

Iain and Neal's wedding was always going to be a special and meaningful event. From the moment the two men walked hand in hand down the aisle at the very grand Leeds Town Hall, there was a lot of emotion on display. It was only a short walk up the aisle but it was symbolic of a much longer and more significant journey. There was a lot of love in the room that day and soon after the vows were exchanged, there was a lot of infectious laughter too. I'm not sure exactly what the problem with the rings was, but we couldn't help but giggle along.

The ceremony ended in raucous applause and I think everybody felt they'd been involved in a very special union. I took the opportunity to steal the newlyweds away after this, to take a few couple shots around town. Leeds is great for iconic urban structures and we managed to get some really nice photos of Neal and Ian together.

Their very chic guests awaited their return with takeout Starbucks, but we were soon back at the White Cloth Gallery for the reception. Stylish in black and silver, the room burst into applause once more, upon the arrival of the happy couple. With everybody together again it was time for the speeches from a number of loved ones, wedding cake all round, and finally a set by the very funny comedian, Vikki Stone.

Action-packed is the word for it and I loved every second, as I'm sure, did everyone else. Iain and Neal make a wonderful couple and I'd like to wish them both happiness and joy in their shared future together.

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