Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography, Wentbridge House, Yorkshire - Felicia & Tony

Posted on 31st January 2012 by Mark Tierney

Felicia & Tony were married at Leeds Town Hall and their wedding reception was held at Wentbridge House Hotel, Yorkshire. Felicia & Tony’s wedding was different to my usual weddings because it was a blend of Chinese & British wedding traditions.

The Chinese tradition requires the Groom to pick the bride up from the bride's family. On arriving at the Bride's house, the groom and his party will meet the bride's friend and bridesmaid. The objective is to ensure that the bride is not easily surrendered to the groom, and usually door games and haggling between both parties which usually require an exchange of a red packet (which usually consist of money) to the bride's party. Once an agreement is reached between both parties, the groom will then be allowed to collect his bride.

The eating of glutinous rice balls was to ensure that when the bride and groom eats the sweet and round rice balls, their marriage life will become happy, sweet and round too (which mean no conflict).

The Tea Wedding Ceremony is offering tea to the parents of the bride. For the groom and bride, it is to thank her parents for bringing her up.  Offering tea to the parents and elders of the groom family, as a form of respect to the parents and elders of the groom family. Usually, a red packet or gift is provided to the bride and groom after they have drank the tea.
The little boy jumping on the bed is for the Bridal Bed Preparation. The children are invited onto the bridal bed as an omen of fertility. There were red dates, lotus seeds, peanuts and other fruit also placed on the bed for fertility.

Here are some of my favourite images taken at the wedding of Felicia & Tony.

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