Leeds City Centre Wedding - Mark & Kate

Posted on 24th May 2024 by Mark Tierney

Mark and Kate’s wedding day was a vibrant celebration of love and music, starting at the grand Leeds Civic Hall and ending with a lively reception at The Adelphi Pub.

The ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall was intimate and heartfelt, with friends and family witnessing Mark and Kate exchange their vows. As a fellow photographer specialising in gig and band portraits, Mark’s love for music was evident in every detail of the day.

After the ceremony, a surprise awaited guests as Mark and Kate’s dogs, Dexter and Denzel, made an appearance, adding extra joy to the occasion. The newlyweds and their furry friends posed for photos, creating lasting memories.

On the way to the Adelphi pub, Mark and Kate took a special detour to The Friends of Ham. Mark and Kate enjoyed a private glass of fizz at The Friends of Ham, the place where they had their first date and where Mark proposed.

The reception at The Adelphi Pub was a musical paradise, featuring 7" vinyl record centrepieces and other themed stationery. One of Mark’s favourite bands, Bull, performed live, energising the crowd and keeping everyone dancing. The pub's cozy ambiance was perfect for the celebration, fulfilling Mark and Kate’s dream of one big party with their loved ones.

Heartfelt speeches, laughter, and dancing filled the evening, making it an unforgettable experience for all. Congratulations to Mark and Kate on their beautiful wedding day. May your future together be as harmonious as the music that brought you joy.

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About the author: Mark Tierney

Mark Tierney is a Yorkshire based Contemporary Wedding Photographer covering the UK and beyond.