Kirk Ireton Marquee Wedding, Derbyshire - Lucy & Jim

Posted on 30th November 2016 by Mark Tierney

If you're going to get married in a beautiful Derbyshire village, why not show off the view! This is exactly what Lucy and Jim did. The bride walked the short walk to the church, with her father and wedding attendants in tow, taking in the fresh air and looking stunning against a stunning backdrop.

The ceremony was a lively one with a lot of laughter and a bride and groom, who couldn't take their eyes off one another. There was a highly celebratory mood as vows were exchanged, then it was time for another stroll o'er hill and dale, this time with the entire wedding party in hot pursuit of the newly weds. It was a lot of fun, with particular highlights being the groom's treasure chest offering and stopping to shower the happy couple with confetti in the middle of a field.

While the barbecue got going outside the marquee and everyone enjoyed a canapé with their champagne, I took a few formal photos of family and friends. The meal followed, complete with hilarious speeches; the bride's father embellished his with various props and the best man certainly knew his audience!

Afterwards, I took Lucy and Jim for a walk through some picturesque leafy lanes to get some couple shots. We got a few more when the dramatic skies turned dark, before it was time for the evening's entertainment, complete with band and a cheese wheel. What can I say, Lucy and Jim know how to throw an excellent party, but what was obvious throughout the day was how much they mean to one another. I'd like to wish them all the very best.

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