Kenwood Hall, Sheffield - Adrian & Emma

Posted on 7th April 2014 by Mark Tierney

Red roses and white lillies set the scene for Emma and Adrian's wedding at Kenwood Hall last Summer. A huge bouquet of them, which the bride had the good sense to give to somebody else to carry as she made her way to the ceremony, was a real show-stealer! As Emma made her entrance, accompanied by her gorgeous little bridesmaid, there were smiles all round. However, her widest grin was reserved for her husband to be.

After the ceremony the wedding party made their way into the venue's gardens, for some very energetic confetti throwing. Resplendent with tall trees, lush green grass and inviting woodland, the grounds of Sheffield's Kenwood Hall really are impressive. The couple looked very relaxed and at ease with one another as they posed for photographs and I don't think it was down to the post-champers pints of beer that were handed out. It was clear to everybody that Emma and Adrian have a very special connection.

The styling of the reception room reflected the red and white theme of the day and there were plenty more roses and lillies in the floral arrangements and on the cake. A delicious meal was followed by the speeches, including some particularly memorable stories from their very expressive best man (a few of which caused the bride to modestly cover her eyes at one point!)

A fun day was rounded off with an extremely fun evening. Not getting involved in the ceilidh simply wasn't an option, but luckily this was a crowd who were fully prepared. I don't know whether they had spent a bit of time practising beforehand, or if they were all just natural movers, but all of the guests quickly grasped the rhythm. It was an exhausting but entertaining end to a great day.

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