Joanna & Liam’s Wedding Photography, Almondbury Church & The Turnpike Inn, Rishworth Moor, Yorkshire

Posted on 3rd September 2010 by Mark Tierney

Here are images taken at Joanna and Liam’s wedding on a wet English summer’s day. The happy couple were married at Almondbury Church in Huddersfield where Joanna’s dad is the Minister. The day started off dry but soon after the wedding ceremony, the heavens opened! Following the ceremony the wedding party were invited for drinks in the Rectory garden next to the church. Luckily the garden had large trees for some of the guests to take shelter from the rain. After a short time in the rectory garden we headed off to Rishworth Moor near the wedding reception venue. The reception was held at The Turnpike Inn which is near to the famous farm house located in the middle of the M62. The majority of the time when I travel on the M62 it always seems to be foggy or raining and today was no exception! Earlier in the year Joanna and Liam trekked to the Everest base camp in Nepal so I knew there would not be a problem going for a small walk on the moors smile  After photographing the adventurous couple on the moody Rishworth moor we drove the short distance to the Wedding reception. Here are some of my favourites from a very enjoyable wedding.

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