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Posted on 25th April 2014 by Mark Tierney

Richard and Lauren's wedding ceremony took place in the St Stephens Church in Huddersfield. Despite the size of the venue and the formality of the setting, the bride appeared most relaxed as she made her grand entrance. Lauren is certainly a woman who knows how to arrive in style. She made exiting a convertible sports car on very high and impressively blingy heels look easy! After the ceremony we took a few pictures in a local park and the weather was definitely on our side!

The couple's police-themed wedding reception was styled in uniform blue and white and took place at the 315 Bar and Restaurant. Lauren and Richard's noisy arrival, caused by several beer cans attached to the back of the car and dragged along behind them, might have drawn attention from the local bobbies if they hadn't all been guests at the wedding (and quite possibly responsible for the cans!!)

After the speeches, the night was dominated by the dancing. With Lauren leading the way, everyone else soon followed. The couple's guests were a fun, friendly crowd who needed little persuasion to hit the dancefloor! At the end of the night, the bride managed to tear herself away from her new husband for a few minutes, because it was time for the bouquet toss! The catcher of the bouquet was thrilled, holding the prize aloft for everyone to see! Then the night gradually drew to a close. It was a very touching and memorable wedding, full of emotion, happiness (and partying police officers!)

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