Hollins Hall Marriott Hotel & Country Club - Lisa & Andy

Posted on 24th August 2014 by Mark Tierney

Hollins Hall is the perfect Bradford venue for golf enthusiasts, so it was no surprise that Andy and Lisa chose this impressive country club hotel in which to tie the knot. It was obvious even before the tee off that this wedding was going to be an enthusiastic and thoughtful occasion that would ultimately render all guests emotionally fragile (in a good way) before the ceremony was over.

A special, surprise gift for the bride, received in her dressing chamber, was what started it. It was such a sweet gesture that we all got a bit weepy. Andy and Lisa make such a lovely couple that you can't help but wish them well!

The wedding ceremony took place in a downstairs function room and the bride and groom looked so thrilled to be finally reading their marriage vows to one another that nobody can blame the two brilliant best men for then shedding a manly tear.

Lively applause signalled the end of the ceremony and we made our way outside for some couple shots underneath the viaduct. Admittedly the day wasn't the sunniest, but when the clouds parted, revealing a dramatic brightening, it felt like a significant moment, in a special day.

Following this we headed for the elegantly decorated reception room for the meal.The day was rounded with much laughter and merriment. There was a lot of whooping surrounding some of the more lurid tales from the groom's past, which were revealed during the speeches, but once the excitement died down, the band did an excellent job of delivering everybody onto the dance floor. At the eighteenth hole of the day, with the wedding almost over, I think there can be no doubt that Lisa owned that dance floor! All in all, a fabulous day for a fabulous couple.

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