Bradfield Church & Foxholes Farm Wedding - Jess & Ben

Posted on 29th June 2016 by Mark Tierney

Our best laid plans often go awry, but in the case of Jess and Ben's wedding at Bradfield Church in Sheffield, and later at Foxholes Farm, this only made the day even more charming and memorable. The camper van might have got stage fright, but the bride still made a spectacular entrance. Ben might not have imagined that his attendant duties would include pushing rain off the marquee roof with a brolly, but the light and setting was made all the more romantic by the changeable weather, especially when I managed to get the newlyweds alone for some couple shots together walking along the wet path, standing close and enjoying one another's company.

This was a big day full of bright colours, wild flowers, laughter, love and cheese...lots of cheese! Another edible show-stealer was the cake. Created by the best man, it was a feat of love and friendship, but started to feel the pressure of its big moment during the reception. It was saved by some stick supports towards the end of the day and tasted delicious.

Passionate about travel, Jess and Ben were well prepared to deal with the unexpected and took everything in their happy stride. It was a truly beautiful and unforgettable occasion. I'm happy to have been part of it. I'd like to raise a glass to a couple who seem to have found the perfect partnership!

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