Great John Street Hotel Wedding Photography, Manchester - Laura & Mark

Posted on 11th June 2014 by Mark Tierney

With a healthy emphasis on fun, Laura and Mark's wedding was a relaxed and laughter-filled big day. It took place at Great John's Street Hotel in Manchester, which has a great view of the city. This is a couple who appeared both familiar and at ease with one another, but were still obviously utterly thrilled at the prospect of getting married. One particularly touching highlight occurred during the ceremony, shortly after the arrival of the bride. Without saying anything, Laura and Mark stood and simply grinned at one another. It was a beautiful moment! Another took place after the ceremony had concluded when Mark, deciding that a kiss wasn't enough, also embraced his bride in a huge hug! A genuinely lovely couple!

Following a few shots of the newly-weds with their brilliant bridesmaid daughter, who was captivated by the confetti, we took a walk through the city streets to get some pictures of bride and groom together. The idea was to photograph them against a lively urban and industrial setting. The weather played ball up to a point, providing us with a grey but bright background, however the bridal sun parasol did come in handy during a passing shower!

Then it was back to the venue for a barbecue on the balcony overlooking Coronation Street. Later on, with the food eaten, and the couple toasted with cocktails, Laura managed to persuade her groom to hit the dance floor (he enjoyed it when he got there!) and a great time was had by all. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a warm and memorable event.

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