Gibbon Bridge Hotel, Preston, Forest of Bowland - Dolores & Dave

Posted on 19th January 2015 by Mark Tierney

Dolores and Dave’s wedding at the Gibbon Bridge Hotel in Preston was a elegant and romantic occasion. The sun shone throughout and lit up the bubbles blown by the guests in place of confetti, following the couple’s outdoor ceremony. Everything about the ceremony was picture perfect. The bride looked so radiant as she made her way along the flowery paths to the garden pagoda, that it was little wonder the groom swooned at the sight of her!

After the wedding ceremony, the couple made their entrance into the beautifully decorated dining room to much applause. Highlights of the day included a lovely speech given by one of youngest members of the wedding party and the excellent use of the letter cards during the groom’s speech. Well done to everybody for getting them the right way up!

After the wedding breakfast, we took a drive out in the car to get some photos of the newlyweds together. The bridge Dolores and Dave had in mind was one with a colourful history. This was a bridge that was once used by Oliver Cromwell's troops in the Battle of Preston. The weather held out, but I suspect Dolores was glad to have her wellies with her!

A special mention is reserved for the evening. I’m lucky enough to see quite a few weddings and often later on, the dancing can get quite dangerously lively. However, on Dave and Dolores’s big day there was simply a whole lot of love! As well as the bride and groom there were a lot of couples beaming at one another that night. Congratulations on a truly sublime wedding!

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