Gemma & Pete’s Pre-Wedding Photography, Hodsock Priory, Blyth, Nottinghamshire

Posted on 9th March 2011 by Mark Tierney

This was my first pre-wedding shoot of the year and I cannot wait to photograph my first wedding of 2011 in just 2 weeks time! I have already confirmed more wedding bookings this year than in the whole of 2010 and with 5 confirmed dates for 2012, this looks set to continue smile The first engagement shoot of 2011 was Gemma and Pete’s which was held at Hodsock Proiry in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Gemma & Pete are to be married there in the spring of this year. Hodsock Priory is famous for it’s garden of snowdrops as you can see from my images. I am really looking forward to capturing Gemma & Pete’s wedding at Hodsock Priory it is such a beautiful place for a wedding.

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