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Posted on 7th December 2018 by Mark Tierney

Working as a Sheffield Wedding Photographer, I recently had the pleasure of shooting at the wedding of Donna and Stephen (Fish).  They tied the knot on September the 1st, 2018 at the fantastic setting of the Kelham Island Museum.  The happy couple are both Sheffield locals and they wanted to choose a venue with character.  They met each other just around the corner from the venue, so it seemed like the logical place.

"We met just around the corner and that part of Sheffield has always been close to our heart.  We wanted somewhere which had a lot of character. We looked around the venue after we got engaged 5 years ago and it had always been the place we both loved. " 


Donna told us how the couple met.   After arranging to go out for a night on the town her friend called to ask if someone else could tag along.  Donna assumed that the other person would be another girl. expecting the visitor to come around for pre-party drinks, the doorbell rang.

"I answered the door in my dressing gown to find a 6 foot 4 man stood there... I just stood there gaping and  said - "wow you're tall!". 
We bonded over music for the rest of the night and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve been together 11 years."


As we all know wedding proposals don't always run smoothly.  Stephen bought the engagement ring a whole year before he actually popped the big question.  When he felt the time was right he tried to persuade Donna into going out for a nice meal, but she was having none of it. She tried to get him to stay in with a takeaway or to just go down to the local pub.  Frustrated, but not discouraged, Stephen abanded his romantic venue plan and proposed right there and then.

The couple invited around 90 guests to the wedding service with numbers rising to 125 for the nighttime celebrations. 

We asked the couple how they'd managed their wedding budget. Donna explained that after the venue, catering, band and photographer, they had to do a bit of financial juggling. Her mum had bought the wedding dress, they saved money by not having wedding cars.  Stephen looked dapped in his new, tailor-made suit. He ought to though because it took them over budget.

Wedding theme & Outfits 

The wedding had a Sheffield theme, not just the venue but the food, the colours and the music were all Sheffield related.  

Donna really wanted a Cap style veil in keeping with her art deco style dress but couldn’t find anything she wanted in the bridal shops that she'd visited.  Luckily, met Kelly at a bridal fayre and she made a bespoke one that was just perfect.  "I didn’t take it off all night".  

"Lisa my hairdresser did a great job of giving me vintage style hair to go with the veil. My make up was by my friend Amy Holliday, we have been friends for years so I knew I was in safe hands. I wanted a soft vintage look with berry coloured lips and my bridesmaids to have the same eyeshadow palette with a softer lighter lip colour.  "


Bridesmaids wore light and dark grey jumpsuits, Donna wanted them to all feel comfortable in what they were wearing.

Stephens suit was fully bespoke. Anyone meeting Stephen can see that he's rather a tall chap and the off the peg suits in the local shops weren't right as a wedding suit. Nothing quite fitted him properly. Stephen had always wanted to own a tailor-made suit, so the couple were pleased to find 'Cock of the Walk' Tailors in Hull.


Why Choose Tierney Photography?

 I’d seen Mark’s photos online when researching Kelham Island, he’d photographed the venue a few times before.  

Stephen immediately clicked with him,  I felt that was important because he's really camera shy and  I wanted him to feel comfortable.  

Mark’s style was just what we were after. The documentary style of shooting didn’t feel too staged but also, we love his eye for detail.

As a wedding photographer, I absolutely love working in Sheffield. Sheffield is my hometown too, so it gives me a lot of pleasure working with the people of our great city to deliver beautiful wedding photos to treasure.

The couple said that they were surprised by chilled and relaxed the whole day ended up being.  We all know that getting married can be a stressful time. At the end of all that preparation, you need a relaxing day, filled with love, laughter, great food and music.  I do hope that the photos help to reflect what a success the day was.


Donna's Supplier Shoutout:

PJ Taste catering

Wild Wedding Days

The Vow

KMR Bridal

Racheal Simpson

Amy Holliday Makeup

Lisa Bates Hairdresser

Cock of the Walk

Swallows and Damsons

Your book corner – an independent Usborne Organiser (facebook)

Henderson relish favours


Getting Married in Sheffield?

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