Carlton Towers Wedding - Paul & Laura

Posted on 18th April 2016 by Mark Tierney

Paul and Laura's wedding at the very grand Carlton Towers in North Yorkshire was a very sparkly and happy occasion. Even the increasingly wet weather couldn't put a dampener on the high spirits. There were intricate carvings and historic talking points scattered all over the grounds, but these all shrank into the background when the bride made her dramatic entrance, clutching her shiny brooch bouquet.

We all enjoyed the smiley ceremony. It was full of love and abundantly clear that the newly weds made a perfect couple. Afterwards everybody spilled out onto the impressive staircase, where the guests threw confetti, were handed drinks and I took a few photos of everyone together.

I decided to take a few couple shots outside after that, set against the ivy covered backdrop that was this picturesque venue. It was lucky that we made the most of the weather when we did because it wasn't long before the heavens opened and we were all forced to take shelter under the stone archways. Well, we couldn't very well go back inside whilst eating ice cream!

The reception followed the drinks and the kids made the most of the sweetie cart. There were some very moving speeches and at that point, those who wanted a quick nap retired to the sofas!

As the evening grew late the couple's daughter and bridesmaid demonstrated her astonishing amount of energy after a long day by hitting the dance floor and it wasn't long before everybody else followed. Laura and Paul's big day was a very special moment in history and I'm honoured to have been there to preserve the memories.

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