Carlecotes Church & The Strafford Arms

Posted on 12th April 2015 by Mark Tierney

Richard and Anya's atmospheric wedding took place on the most romantic day of the year; Valentine's Day. This was a late booking for me, but it was clear that this was a couple who were more than ready to marry. The bride's glorious first appearance, was enhanced not just by the presence of her impressively decorated grandfather at her side, but also a stunning wedding dress made by Anya's mother. It was of little surprise that the ceremony at Carlecotes on the edge of the Peak District was a moving one.

Perfect Valentine's weather only added to the beauty of the day, with the wedding party setting off in snow. The icy mist came later, when I managed to steal the couple away for a woodland walk , prior to the reception. There was a hazy glow around the headlights of the wedding car, which echoed the almost perceptible hazy glow that surrounded Richard and Anya whenever they smiled at one another. I should perhaps mention that there was a spot of rain too, but if there hadn't been, then the newly weds wouldn't have had the chance to show off their special wedding umbrella!

The reception took place at the Strafford Arms in Rotherham, which was full of rustic charm and laughter. This was a memorable wedding for both its magical qualities, as well as its central characters. I'd like to raise a glass to the happy couple. Long may their romance continue to inspire others.

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