Burnsall Church & The Craven Arms, Appletreewick, Yorkshire Dales

Posted on 8th May 2014 by Mark Tierney

Alex and Sarah's rustic Yorkshire wedding was a candlelit, cosy affair, full of relaxed woodland charm and smiles by the yard. Although the weather refused to see the sunny-side of the occasion, (opting instead for huge dramatic skies and plenty of opportunities for the guests to put their wedding umbrellas to good use) this only served to make the chosen venues appear more romantic and inviting.

The couple were married at the beautiful and charming Burnwell Church in the Yorkshire Dales, where Sarah walked down the aisle to an acoustic guitar accompaniment. There was a particularly touching moment when the bride and groom emerged from the ceremony with huge grins, clearly pleased to have become husband and wife (even if she did laugh at his fancy flat cap! )

The reception took place at a thatched roofed pub called The Craven Arms. Again the lighting was designed to create the cosiest of ambiences on this chilly Autumn day. Candles and woodland foliage were artfully placed among the neutral tones with such skill that the reception room provided a feast for the eyes (as well as the tummy!) A fiddle and accordion added a musical backdrop and as the evening segued into elaborate whisky and cupcake-tasting territory, the laughter escalated. It reached a peak with the best man's speech, consisting as it did of actual diagrams to illustrate the escapades of the groom!

With the food eaten, the whisky drunk and the arrival of a Beetles tribute band onto the stage, the dance floor steadily filled. Alex and Sarah impressed the crowd with their moves but then were powerless to do anything but lose themselves in the moment. Theirs was a stylish big day, presented memorably with care and a lot of love.

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