Anston Church & Losehill House & Spa, Peak District - Kate & Andrew

Posted on 24th September 2014 by Mark Tierney

Hong Kong meets the Peak District was a main feature of Kate and Andrew's big day. This wedding was unique and proud of it! It was also touchingly romantic. Bride and groom, unable to wait for the official, ceremonial announcement, had their first kiss of the day upon setting eyes on one another at the end of the aisle. Following this, their beautiful baby Emilia helped to sign the register. All this took place at Anston Church, where they tied the knot.

As for the rest of the wedding, I could talk about the pretty pastoral scene that provided such an excellent backdrop. I could talk about the rustic marquee in the grounds of Losehill Hotel, complete with tumbling hills adorned with sheep and children blowing bubbles. Or I could talk about the bright lights and excitement of the casino-themed reception. However, apart from the fact I think everyone was struck by what a brilliant couple Kate and Andrew make, there was one particular stand out moment which alternately confused and utterly delighted us all. If you were there, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

They looked like regular waiters. They spent the afternoon, dishing out the drinks and food. But then in an assuming moment, they started to sing. The looks on the guests' faces were priceless! The secret waiters, as they're known, belted out a few numbers and followed that with some dancing. They even cajoled the newlyweds into joining them for some alarmingly high kicks. It was tremendous and got everyone in the mood for the rousing serviette-waving speeches which followed.

Kate and Andrew's wedding was a very memorable occasion indeed. Many thanks for the laughs (and the tears). All the very best in the future and 祝你好運! (This says “Good Luck” I hope!)

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