Alnwick Tree House Wedding - Faye & Dan

Posted on 5th September 2016 by Mark Tierney

If you'd bent back the sunflower stalks and peered through the undergrowth of a magical garden in Alnick a few weeks ago, you'd have witnessed  the beautiful wedding of Faye and Dan. The marriage was celebrated, although not certificated (as that happened 6 months earlier) in the tree house of Alnwick Gardens. Perched on stilts, it is covered in fairylights and approached only by bridge.

This was an unconventional and particularly moving big day. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house as emotion temporarily got the better of bride, Faye, when she recited her vows.

Aesthetically, I couldn't have asked for a better venue or lighting. I took a few couple shots in the daylight in a field and in the treehouse foundations, but then, as the sun set into an explosion of pink and gold, I took a few more.

The weather was definitely on our side, reflecting the romance of the day in the skies above us. An intricate wire gate and the aforementioned lit-up bridge stood out as being particularly perfect backdrops for the shots I took of just the two of them.

Surrounded by twisted tree roots and candles in jars, the newly weds ate their wedding breakfasts and enjoyed their special day, a memory of which was passed on to each guest, in the form of sunflower seeds. A truly great time was had by all and I'd like to wish Dan and Faye all the very best for their future. 

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